Greasy Spoon VOL. 13 Chef Jesse Grasso

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It was a pleasure to have Chef Jesse Grasso join us for Greasy Spoon VOL. 13 on March 28th 2016.

Inspired by diner culture from around the world, Jesse paid tribute to some of his favourite resturants in this edition of the Greasy Spoon seriies. Each sitting came with a 3 course menu and dessert paired with a cocktail to match each dish. All proceeds are donated and money from ticket sales are donated to A Better Life Foundation charity. View the menu.

Being hungry sucks, and ABLF dinners aim to eliminate that in the DTES. A group of cooks get together and we share our love of cooking with a community. fulled by social good.  It’s quickly become our favourite day of the month


If you would like to help support #beinghungrysucks via A Better Life Foundation charity, please click here.


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